Tequila Works CEO Impressed by DualSense Controller, Including Reportedly ‘Biometric Data Detection, Fingerprint Recognition’

Tequila Works CEO Raúl Rubio has voiced his impressions with regards to next-gen hardware. The CEO most notably seems thrilled about PlayStation 5’s recently unveiled DualSense controller. As far as Rubio is concerned, features such as haptic feedback and the new “Create” button will help make DualSense “exponentially better.” But one major part coming out of this interview is features Sony hasn’t yet outright confirmed, including the controller reading your biometric data and recognizing your fingerprint.

In an interview with the Spanish website Meristation, translated by Wccftech, Rubio discussed how technological advancements like haptic feedback will ensure gaming becomes a more “sensory” activity. For instance, the addition of biometric data means the experience can adjust to a player’s state. Moreover, new vibration stimulations and fingerprint recognition will give players the opportunity to feel the action taking place in-game. Curiously, Sony hasn’t talked about “biometric data” or “fingerprint recognition” for the DualSense controller (though previous patents have hinted at it), so it’s unknown whether this is just a mistranslation or a leak of features yet revealed.

The Tequila Works executive also voiced his thoughts on the “Create” button. Apparently, he told Meristation the updated function will ensure the process of sharing feels a bit more active. It’s not clear what he meant by this, particularly since Sony has yet to share concrete details itself.

Rubio added that these features should make the DualSense “exponentially better,” since the Xbox Series X controller is an evolution of Microsoft’s previous devices. By comparison, the PlayStation 5 controller should seem like more of a game-changer. As a result, Rubio speculated the preference of controller will no longer rest predominantly on ergonomics or analog stick placement.

PS5 and Xbox Series X are slated to launch on an unspecified date this holiday season. A recent report suggests Sony will release a limited number of consoles at launch. This is reportedly due to the company’s estimation that the potentially high price will impact demand. Analysts predict a price point somewhere between $450 and $499.

[Source: Meristation via Wccftech]