Gearbox Quebec Opened, Will Work on a New Game Within One of Gearbox’s IP’s

Gearbox Software, the developer behind Borderlands and the upcoming Battleborn, announced the opening of Gearbox Studio Quebec today.

Saying the new studio was formed with the goal of “enhancing Gearbox Software’s mission to entertain the world,” Gearbox adds that the Quebec developer is hiring for its first title right now, and will grow to full AAA production capability through 2016.

Gearbox Quebec will have two Studios Heads: Sebastien Caisse, who has acted as business development director at Quebecor Media, and Pierre-Andre Dery, who worked as an Art Director at Activision on Skylanders and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Gearbox President Randy Pitchford said:

We are fortunate that there is a lot of demand on us to deliver our brand of interactive entertainment within the powerful franchises we have at Gearbox Software and the challenge for us is growing to meet this demand.

As part of our strategy we have already successfully built an expanded all-new headquarters in Frisco, Texas. We now look ahead to another key and exciting step which is our commitment towards our all-new Gearbox Studio Quebec where we strive to team up with some incredible talent in the world of video game development outside of Texas to help us build fun and exciting video games within our tent-pole brands.

According to the many job openings, Gearbox Quebec’s first project is a “1st Person Action game.” Speaking with Games Industry, a representative said they’ll be working on “a new game within one of Gearbox’s currently held IP’s.”

Gearbox Quebec is the first studio created by Gearbox.

[Source: Gearbox Quebec, Games Industry]