Trials Fusion Goes Cross-Platform With Custom Tracks

RedLynx Studio has announced that Trials Fusion players will be able to share custom tracks across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Over on the game’s forums, the developer said that Track Central is cross-platform with immediate effect for all new tracks, and the change will also apply to every custom track created since launch, although the latter will take a while to be fully implemented.

Track builders will be able to share all their newest creations automatically across all available platforms. If the builder has a second account, connected by Uplay across multiple platforms, the track will show as created by them on any platforms they have Uplay access. If the track builder does not have Uplay access on multiple platforms, the creator name will show as FusionShared.

Retroactive tracks will begin uploading in small batches to keep from overloading the server. It will start with the oldest tracks first and continue until it reaches the first track shared cross-platform. Be patient, retroactively sharing every custom since launch is going to take some time.

RedLynx also noted that track performance may vary between platforms. “As the building community adjusts to their new audience you may notice more frame drops or other performance issues than usual on Track Central,” the developer wrote.

In addition to cross-platform support. Track Central is also getting a Community Recommended feed, which will enable players to “recommend a slice of hot awesome from the track central catalog into a neat little package.”

For more on the update, check out the source link below.

[Source: Ubisoft]