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Free Update Will Allow Players to Return to the Gigatrack in Trials Rising

The beloved Gigatrack from Trials Evolution will soon return to the series. On July 16th, developer Red Lynx plans to unleash a free update for Trials Rising that reintroduces the Gigatrack. It’s not just a remake of the classic track that goes through multiple biomes and environments, though. Trials Rising’s Gigatrack features some new bells and whistles that will make it the longest track in a Trials game to date.

Ubisoft shared the news yesterday during its Ubisoft Forward digital event. Of course, a trailer accompanied the news, complete with insight from Community Developer John Lloyd and Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo. Check it out in the video down below:

As the franchise’s longest track yet, the Gigatrack in Trials Rising will present a true test of skill and endurance. While on the Gigatrack, players should expect to pass through five different environments. As seen in the trailer above, the environments are quite varied, from snowy mountainous regions to desert climates and everything in between. Of course, it’s not just the backgrounds that change. The Gigatrack will feature a ton of challenging track configurations to overcome, so you’ll have to use all of your Trials knowledge and skills to reach the end.

Trials Rising is available on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. Ubisoft originally released the title in early 2019. It’s received a few updates and DLC expansions since then, adding new content to the overall arcade experience. One expansion in particular, Crash and Burn, launched in September 2019. This content introduced new customization options and an incredible 37 extra tracks.

Our review of Trials Rising awarded it a 9.5 out of 10. Track design, gameplay mechanics, and the brilliant customization tools warranted plenty of praise. However, there were a few minor graphical and performance hiccups that kept this Trials entry from reaching its full potential.

[Source: Ubisoft]