The Division 2 Free Trial Starts Today, Cosmetic Rewards for Rainbow Six: Siege Players

Just in time for a recently released patch updateThe Division 2 begins a free trial starting today, with extra rewards coming for players of both The Division 2 and Rainbow Six: Siege. Announced earlier today by Ubisoft, The Division 2‘s free trial period looks to be a bit different than trial periods offered by other, similar games such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Whereas other games do trial periods that last for certain blocks of time The Division 2 is going the more MMO-esque route and offering a specific amount of playtime.

Beginning today new players can jump into the streets of Washington D.C. for up to eight hours of game time, which includes access to the story campaign and getting your trial agent up to level 8. All the main features of the game will be available to players, including multiplayer, characters customization, and more. The only features unavailable will be anything requiring premium purchases, such as in-game cosmetic items and the Warlords of New York expansion.

Ubisoft also says “The free trial expires once a total of 8 hours of playtime has passed. If you cannot wait to continue your journey and missions in The Division 2, you have the opportunity to purchase and upgrade to the full game and carry your progression over.” But, wait: There’s more. Those with Rainbow Six: Siege on their UbiPlay accounts will get an added bonus starting on April 22.

In addition, starting April 22, players who own Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six  Siege can earn the Ela The Division 2 Set in Rainbow Six Siege by playing The Division 2 free trial or the full game. This set includes The Division Agent uniform and headgear, Division Watch charm for the Ela Operator, and Division Weaponry weapon skin for the Scorpion EVO 3 A1. Division 2 players will receive The Impromptu weapon skin as a reward for their character.

With the recent release of a new content expansion, it appears Ubisoft is making a hard push to get players to return to or try The Division 2. An open-ended free trial such as this is a good example and has worked wonders in the past for other games like World of Warcraft, so perhaps this will lead to a bump in player numbers for the franchise.