Trials Rising’s Crash & Sunburn Expansion Sends You to the Earth’s Southern Hemisphere and Adds a Slew of Content

Trials fans rejoice, as Trials Rising has just been updated with a ton of content on PS4. Players can download the game’s second expansion, titled Crash & Sunburn, along with a new season that brings extra tracks, more customization items, and a Halloween-themed event. Plus, Ubisoft has released a free demo of Trials Fusion, which is available to download right now.

Speaking of extra tracks, Crash & Sunburn will add a whopping 37 new tracks from South America, Australia, and other locations in the Southern Hemisphere. The Crash & Sunburn expansion will also take players to locations south of the equator like the Amazon rainforest, Antarctica, and the Inca ruins.

With the game’s latest update, players will be able to participate in Season 3 Welcome to the Future, which adds a new set of outfits, bike skins, and helmet accessories. You’ll have access to the new Cyborg outfit and Space Suit, along with the Robo skin for the Mantis and the Space Rover skin for the Rhino. All of the items are decked out with a futuristic aesthetic to match the theme of the Season.

At the start of October, a new seasonal event will begin, adding spooky Jack-o’-lanterns throughout various tracks for you to find, along with a slew of Halloween-themed gear for you to customize your rider and bike with.

Trials Rising released earlier in 2019 to positive reviews, with many outlets complimenting the game’s challenge and mechanics. We thoroughly enjoyed it here at PSLS, especially its track design and amount of content. It’s available to download on the PlayStation Store right now at a discounted price of $12.49, thanks to the Totally Digital Sale.

Or if you’re on the fence, you can always download the game’s free demo on the PlayStation store. It features 8 tracks from the full version of the game, giving you an opportunity to try things out before you buy.

Ubisoft has done a great job of supporting Trials Rising with a ton of content since its release in February of 2019. The game has seen numerous DLC add-ons, multiple seasons of content, and enough tracks to keep you busy for hours on end.

Are you still playing Trials Rising? Will you be jumping into the game’s latest expansion? Let us know!