New Magicka 2 Expansion Pack Today Is All About Ice, Death, and Fury

Priced at $9.99/£7.99, the Ice, Death, and Fury expansion pack for Magicka 2 is available today on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Adding new game modes, new boss fights, new items, and more, here’s what you get with the Magicka 2 DLC today:

Four Brand New Scenarios – New co-op gamemodes with objectives!

  • Protect the King, Troll Cave, Darkness and Old Wizard!

Three new Boss Fights – face off against the harshest of enemies!

  • Insane Maxi, Mr Carrot and The Great Porkolino!

Three Full Robe sets – with awesome Ranged Weapons and unique effects!

  • Death Apprentice Robe, Grimnir Reaper Staff and The Dead Mans Hand weapon.
  • Scavenger Robe, Staff of Detection and the Ol’ Trusty Rusty Revolver!
  • Robe of Riviera, a Crow Staff and a Silver Longsword.

You can learn more about the new expansion pack over on the official Magicka website.

If you’re wondering if Magicka 2 will ever leave the PC/PS4 and appear on Xbox One, the game’s Twitter account said, “No plans right now I’m sorry to say.”

Will you be buying Ice, Death, and Fury today? Did you grab Magicka 2 last month when it was a part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection?