Magicka 2 Arrives on PS4 & PC in May, Pre-Order For an Early Sneak Peek

Alongside a new gameplay trailer, Paradox Interactive have announced that Magicka 2 is releasing for the PlayStation 4 and PC on May 26 in North America for $14.99, with a European PS4 launch expected on May 27.

PS4 pre-orders for Magicka 2 are set to begin shortly, and anyone who does pre-order it will receive an exclusive hands-on sneak peek:

Early supporters will gain access for themselves and three friends to the sneak peek, taking place on both PC and PS4 on May 5 (May 6 for European PSN).

All pre-orders will also allow players to sample the Game of Robes by gifting them a unique in-game robe, available in both Magicka 2 and Magicka: Wizard Wars; Paradox knows that a robe is the best way to stay warm when winter is coming.

Over on their website, Paradox detailed some of the features in Magicka 2:

  • As an all-powerful Wizard, you will have thousands of spells at your fingertips to experiment and defeat evil with, use them together with special Magicks to annihilate foes or give necessary aid to your companions.
  • Combine up to five elements at a time and work together with—or against—your friends for that full Magicka co-op experience.
  • Four Player Friendly Fire Compatible Co-op
  • Full co-op support! All levels and game modes in Magicka 2 will be supported for four player co-op with hot join, checkpoints, and other supportive features and functionality.
  • Friendly fire is always on, promoting emergent gameplay humor as players accidentally hurt or kill their friends in their attempts to annihilate enemies.

Are you going to team up with some friends and play Magicka 2 in May?