Magicka 2 Gameplay Revealed in Karaoke Sing-a-Long Trailer

September 12, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

In one of the more interesting ways to reveal gameplay, Paradox Interactive went the route of creating a karaoke sing-a-long trailer to give you a look at Magicka 2, which is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2015.

After saying how Magicka 2 “works great on the DualShock 4, with the dual-stick run-and-cast gameplay looking as colourful and explosive as ever,” Robin Cederholm of Paradox talked about their upcoming game:

Chaos sure is beautiful, right? Just like the original game, Magicka 2 is a game where you and up to three friends control Wizards on a quest through the far away and baffling realm of Midgård, combining eight elements into a series of devastating spells to slay your foes and, sometimes, “accidentally,” slay your friends.

Mash together fire, rock, and arcane elements to fling a flaming death boulder, or water, cold, and shield magic to throw up a spiky ice barrier, or use one of the secret, special Magicks found in-game to cook up something really special for the foes you’ll meet out there.

Right now everyone in the team is hard at work on the adventure campaign, making sure the experience is as much fun and as challenging as one would expect from the Magicka sequel. Tuning gameplay and enemy encounters in one place and writing completely reasonable dialogues for Vlad in another.

The game is coming together nicely and we’re getting closer to the finish line for every day that passes. We can’t wait for it to be released and to let everyone have a go at it.

Paradox is also running a content for anyone who wants to sing their own version of the karaoke video above. Head over here for full details.

Is that song now stuck in your head too?

[Source: PlayStation]