PlayStation VR is Being Used by NASA, “Mighty Morphenaut” Video Demo Shows All

The PlayStation VR demo we saw during PlayStation Experience 2015 wasn’t the most impressive example of what the device could do, and I think it left a lot of people disappointed. Thankfully the big brains at NASA are here to reassure us that the tech is indeed worthwhile, and even useful for learning about space.

Road to VR posted footage of the “Mighty Morphenaut” tech demo that NASA engineers are using to simulate controlling robots in space. It’s a short video, at just over two minutes in length, but still gives a good overview and shows the PlayStation Move controllers acting as hands. 

Garrett Johnson, Software Engineer at NASA’s JPL, gave the following reasons for choosing PlayStation VR to train with:

The hope is that by putting people in an environment where they can look around and move in ways that are much more intuitive than with a mouse and keyboard, it would require less training to understand how to operate the robot and enable quicker, more direct control of the motion.

What do you think of the training demo being used by NASA? Has it helped restore your faith in PlayStation VR?

[Source: Road to VR]