Game Designer Sets Record Straight on Tekken 7 VR Integration

If you’re worried that Tekken 7‘s VR functionality will infringe on the core gameplay experience, think again.

According to Senior Game Designer Michael Murray, the upcoming fighting sequel won’t incorporate the feature into the main game itself; rather, it would appear that the VR component will revolve around the brawler’s roster of characters in some capacity. 

In an interview with Wired, Murray acknowledged the early apprehension generated by the announcement of VR support, before claiming that said integration isn’t what fans are expecting. 

“When we announced that we’re going to do something with virtual reality, people were like ‘oh, so you’re going to be playing in first person and hitting each other? That sounds like crap!’ There was a hidden command in Tekken 2 [where you could play in first person] that was cool in itself but you wouldn’t want to do that for your whole Tekken fix, right? So probably not that. People like Tekken the way that it is as far as the core gameplay.”

First announced during Paris Games Week in October, Bandai Namco has kept a lid on the finer details of Tekken 7‘s foray into virtual reality. However, further in the piece, Murray teased that it’s likely to incorporate the game’s character roster. 

“I think people think we’re going to incorporate VR into the main game itself, when we don’t currently see a way that that would enhance Tekken to a new level better than what it would be right now.”

“The only hints we could probably give is that Tekken is ultimately all about the characters. You want to see the cool characters, the cute female characters like Lucky Chloe, and we have all kinds of customisation for them and they have all these cool techniques that are motion captured…. something that would allow people to enjoy the game in that aspect maybe is about all we can say.”

Bandai Namco rolled out Tekken 7 via a limited arcade release back in February, while the console version is currently incubating in development.

[Source: Wired via NeoGAF]