Koei Tecmo: We Love the Way Our Games Play on PS Vita

While video game developers and Sony are largely accused of shunning the PlayStation Vita, Koei Tecmo has been making quite an effort to support the handheld as the company believes it’s a “great platform” that really suits its titles. In a recent interview with The Vita Lounge, Koei Tecmo’s UK PR Manager, Marilena Papacosta, was asked why the company continues to support the Vita at a time when others seemed to have shafted the console, to which she said:

We find the PS Vita to be a great platform and feel that it suits our titles very much. The support and response that we get from our fans confirms that with every release.

I’m sure you know and appreciate all of its technical features as well as we do, so I won’t bore you with praise of its many qualities. I will say, however, that we just love the way our games play on this console. From our very first ones- Dynasty Warriors Next and Ninja Gaiden Sigma- to our latest releases –Samurai Warriors 4-II- we feel that it can certainly provide high quality entertainment on the go for all our fans!

Papacosta went on to say that future support will be decided on a title by title basis, however. 

As for Koei Tecmo directly selling physical editions of Vita games, we’re told that it depends on how the console evolves and what the demand is like for physical and limited editions. 

For the full interview, follow the source link below.

[Source: The Vita Lounge]