Some PS4 Game Prices in Canada Have Risen to $85

A year after $74.99/$79.99 started becoming the norm, Canadian retailers have raised the regular price of a couple PlayStation 4 games to $84.99.

First spotted on Amazon Canada, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend and Nights of Azure for PS4, both from Tecmo Koei, carry an $84.99 price tag. Best Buy Canada also backs this up, pricing Arslan at $84.99 as well.

PlayStation Vita games are also affected, with MegaTagmension Blanc Plus Neptune VS Zombies, Trillion: God of DestructionOdin Sphere Leifthrasir, and more at $54.99.

The price raises are a result of the Canadian dollar, which is currently worth $0.71 USD. This means a $59.99 game in the would convert to over $77, while a $39.99 game would be over $51.

For now, the majority of upcoming PS4 titles are still priced at $79.99. Last year though, it took less than a month for some titles to go from $74.99 to $79.99.

Would you be willing to pay $84.99 for any upcoming games? When’s the last time you bought a game at full price?

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