Alleged Days of the Dawning Destiny Event Could Take Guardians to Mercury

Guardians, take heed; Bungie has seemingly began teasing Destiny‘s first event of 2016 and, by effect, where players will be headed next in the solar system: the sun-scorched plains of Mercury. 

That’s according to a special in-game emblem known as Rising Light, which was gifted to any user who completed an activity from January 7 through January 10. What makes this icon of particular note is that it appears to depict the sky-scrapping spires of the Vex set against the backdrop of the Sun. 

In Destiny lore, Mercury was terraformed to become a sprawling machine world for the Vex, and early reports suggest that it will feature heavily in the inevitable sequel tentatively pegged for late 2016. 

Days of the Dawning, meanwhile, seems to be a mini-event in the vein of The Festival of the Lost, with items on the shooter’s database hinting at a connection to Cayde-6 and Eris Morn.

Could Destiny‘s first event of 2016 shed new light on the character of Osiris, too? He was originally included as a core element of the game’s story before it was reworked prior to launch. 

Expect Bungie to offer new details pertaining to Days of the Dawning sooner rather than later. In the meantime, what do you think the studio is teasing?

jpg[Source: Eurogamer, Bungie]