King of Fighters XIV to Launch With 50 Characters, Plans for DLC Not Decided Yet

The King of Fighters franchise has always been known to have a rather healthy amount of fighters available for gamers, and that trend will continue with King of Fighters XIV.

In an interview, Game Director Yasuyuki Oda confirmed that King of Fighters XIV will launch with 50 characters, and all will be playable from the start.

That’ll be fine. All 50 characters will be playable at launch…There will be numerous characters at launch, and we don’t plan on just adding more bits at a time, so please be sure to properly jot that down [laughs]. It wouldn’t be a KoF game with a small number of characters, after all.

Will past faves such as Terry Bogard and the rest appear? Oda mentions how fans should expect famous fighters to be back , and that the studio has already decided on the fighters making the cut.

We’ve selected these characters after having examined things such as ‘if we put in this character, then it’d make everyone happy,’ and such..Yes, we’ve already decided on them (fighters).

I can’t say much on that, but it’s safe to assume ‘since there are 50 characters, then perhaps a character who was popular will appear in it

With how games these days capitalize on DLC, is it safe to assume that King of Fighters XIV will have post-release fighters available after launch? Apparently not, according to Oda.

That (DLC) will have to wait until we see how the 50 character do after launch, so it has yet to be decided.

Fighting game fans are in for a treat this year. with both Street Fighter V and King of Fighters XIV set to be out in 2016. 

Which fighters do you want to see appear in KoF XIV? Can SNK Playmore balance the roster out even with that many fighters?

[Source: Famitsu via SiliconEra]