Sony’s Marketing Spend on TV Ads Exceeded Microsoft’s in 2015

It’s official: Sony’s marketing spend on TV adverts for PlayStation 4 in 2015 proved to be slightly higher than that of Microsoft’s for Xbox One across the same period.

According to figures published by, across the 12 months, Sony’s total weighed in at $31.8 million across 13 TV adverts, while Microsoft appeared to be more efficient, spending a total of $30.5 million for 15 TV spots by comparison. 

And though the expenditure of the two platform holders dipped from 2014, the report confirms that video game publishers continue to invest in marquee TV adverts to trumpet upcoming releases. Case in point: both Bethesda Softworks and Activision’s surge can be tied to the fall release of both Fallout 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, respectively. 

Landing at the top of the pack, Machine Zone spent an eye-watering $61 million alone in its Kate Upton-fronted ad campaign for Game of War, a budget in the same ballpark of a lower-tier Hollywood blockbuster. Finally, for the second consecutive year, Nintendo ran more adverts than Microsoft and Sony combined with a total of 49.