Dark Cloud 2 Makes Its Way to PS4 on January 19

During their most recent episode, the PlayStation Blogcast team revealed that Dark Cloud 2 is the next PlayStation 2 game coming to PlayStation 4, releasing on January 19 in North America.

In Europe, Dark Cloud 2 is known as Dark Chronicle. So far, a European release date hasn’t been confirmed, but January 19 is likely.

If Dark Cloud 2 includes a Platinum Trophy (the first Dark Cloud does), expect it to cost $14.99. If not, expect it to be $9.99.

Dark Cloud 2 was first rated for PS4 back in September, along with Ape Escape 2 and Twisted Metal: Black. Other recent PS2 games on PS4 ratings include Max Payne, Ape Escape 3, Okage: Shadow King, Primal, Siren, and Wild Arms 3. We’re also still waiting on The King of Fighters 2000, which was announced last month.

In North America, the PlayStation Store is currently running a sale on the Grand Theft Auto PS2 games on PS4.

Next week is set to be incredibly busy for new releases, with other titles including Resident Evil 0, A Boy and His Blob, World of Tanks, Inside My Radio, and many more. We’ll have a full rundown on Sunday.

[Source: PS Blogcast]