Unravel Has Gone Gold, “All Versions Done, Tested and Approved”

Three cheers for Yarny, as his video game debut is now confirmed as gold, and ready to “unravel.” 

Unravel‘s Creative Director, Martin Sahlin, confirmed on Twitter that all versions of the game are tested and now ready for launch next month. 

February 9 is the date to remember, if you’re looking to play this physics-based puzzle platformer. It will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Stay tuned for our review at launch, as well as gameplay videos and tips which will be posted on our YouTube channel

Be sure to check out the latest Unravel trailer, which tells more of Yarny’s story, including what inspired the developers to create the character and world he moves through. 

Are you looking forward to weaving your own story in Unravel? Let us know in the comments below.