Blade Ballet Dances to PS4 in Spring 2016

From DreamSail Games, who “care most about multiplayer experiences and creating games that are best played with others,” comes Blade Ballet, which is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 in spring 2016.

Featuring local multiplayer for up to four players, Blade Ballet sees you playing as whirling robots armed with laser swords, slashing everyone else to pieces. Each robot has its own unique special abilities, and you’ll be able to fight on various arenas with different mechanics.

DreamSail Co-Founder Kevin Porras talked about Blade Ballet:

Blade Ballet indulges your heart’s deepest, hidden desire of controlling adorable robots as they spin, slash, and stab each other to bits. Each bot taps into a unique slice of our team’s crazy ideas about futuristic combat. Sneaky cheaters bypass shields. Demolitions experts bent on destruction hurl explosives across the screen. And my personal favorite smashes its competitors with a giant wrecking ball.

The battle arenas are even more insane than the bots. Crush your friends on indoor ski slopes while dodging robo-trees and surprisingly dangerous cardboard cutouts of humans. Battle in an AI storage core and use giant push-button lasers to obliterate each other. Master each level’s mechanics to emerge from brawls victorious.

Looking towards the future, the team is “hard at work” adding an online multiplayer to Blade Ballet. Additionally, there will be post-launch content for months, including new bots and arenas.

Asked about a PlayStation Vita version, Porras said, “Blade Ballet is in the works for the PS4 at the moment, but you never know in the future!”

[Source: PS Blog]