PS5 console exclusive Phantom Blade Zero

PS5’s Phantom Blade Zero Won’t Have Microtransactions or Souls-Like Difficulty

PS5 console exclusive Phantom Blade Zero will have Souls-like elements but not Souls’ notorious difficulty, according to developer S-Game. In a new Q&A published on Discord, the studio also said that fans shouldn’t expect any gacha or microtransactions.

Phantom Blade Zero “will make the most” out of PS5 and DualSense

S-Game said that it wants to ensure that Phantom Blade Zero is an “approachable” title. As a result, the team won’t go “full throttle on difficulty and punishment.” “The idea is that you don’t need lightning reflex or supersonic finger movements to find fun in the game,” the developer wrote.

S-Game previously revealed that Phantom Blade Zero will have multiplayer elements, but shot down any concerns about microtransactions. The game will remain a single-player experience with multiplayer and endgame content for those who want to prolong their time with it.

Elsewhere, S-Game promised that Phantom Blade Zero will take full advantage of the PS5 and its DualSense controller. Considering players will be handling quite a few different types of weapons, this is good news. According to S-Game, the PlayStation Showcase trailer only scratched the surface. Phantom Blade Zero will come with a lot of unique weapons, each having a different impact on gameplay.

Phantom Blade Zero’s release date has yet to be announced.