Well It’s About Damn Time – Breath of Fire III to NA PSN

Capcom has announced that the 1998 PSOne RPG Breath of Fire III will be coming to the North American PlayStation Network store in February. The version to come will be the PSP port, which was released in Europe and Japan, but not North America.

Going for of $9.99, the game will play on Vita, PS TV, and naturally, PSP. Capcom doesn’t have a specific release date within February, but says there is “a bit more information” to come.

Want to know how it plays? I evaluated the quality of the port in a review almost a fricking decade ago back when my RPG website was (relatively) killing it. Ew, I said, “a cool thing to own” in the first sentence? Damn, dude, for all the things Young Heath got right, that phrase wasn’t one of them.