New Details for PS4 Exclusive Rime Are Imminent, According to Tequila Works

Following an eye-catching reveal back in 2013, all has gone quiet on the upcoming release of PS4 exclusive Rime

Tequila Works’ heavily stylized and cel-shaded indie title is still in search of a firm due date, though the Spanish developer took to Twitter just yesterday to tease that new details are on the way. 

Indeed it’s a similar progress report that Tequila posted before the turn of the year, when the studio assured budding fans that Rime‘s development was still very much on track. 

First hatched under Microsoft, the adventure title formerly known as Echoes of Siren “couldn’t adapt” to the Xbox One architecture in its formative days, and is now poised to release exclusively for PlayStation 4 bearing an art style that’s part Wind Waker, part Shadow of the Colossus

Exactly when Rime will debut remains a mystery…for now. We’ll keep you posted as Tequila nears its seemingly imminent announcement. But do you think it will launch in 2016?

[Source: Twitter]