Ubisoft: Far Cry Primal Is A “Full-On Far Cry,” Main Campaign Is Around 30 Hours

In an interview with IGN, Lead Writer Kevin Shortt explained that, while Far Cry Primal may not have a ‘5‘ in its title, it is Ubisoft’s next full Far Cry game and will include a 30-hour campaign:

For us, Primal is a full-on Far Cry. The main campaign is around 30 hours, we’ve created a whole new world, new flora and fauna. it’s a full game, and so if anyone has doubts about that, they just spend a bit of time in the game to realize it’s something huge. This is our new Far Cry game.

Discussing the 10,000 BC time period for Primal, Shortt said it was a good choice because “that’s when humans went from more nomadic tribes to settling down and establishing villages. As a result of that, they started more wars, they started more conflicts, because they’re settling in the same regions and fighting over resources.”

Asked about the lack of dinosaurs, Shortt said they weren’t going to stray outside of their designated time period:

Yes it’s prehistoric but it’s a period in the stone age we wanted to represent. And dinos, historically, are millions of years in the past, and humans and dinos never were together, so we just decided to be true to that. Would it be fun? Sure. But for us, no. We wanted to represent the stone age – we want to be as true to that period as we can while giving our colorful flair.

During their research, Ubisoft found that it “just felt wrong” to use modern language, so they created their own language for Primal. As a result, all of the dialogue is subtitled.

Far Cry Primal comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 23.

[Source: IGN]