Warframe Update Today on PS4 & Xbox One Is Called Ring of Fire, Adds Nezha Warframe

Listed as 18.3.1, the new Warframe update today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is called Ring of Fire and adds the fire-based Nezha Warframe, as well as new weapons and customizations.

The Nezha Warframe’s abilities include Fire Walker, where you blaze a trail of flames, scorching enemies and cleansing allies. Additionally, there the Blazing Chakram (flaming ring that burns enemies), Warding Halo (protective ring of fire), and Divine Spears (spears that erupt from the ground).

Here’s highlights of what else you need to know about today’s Warframe update:

New Weapons

  • The enemy never knows what hit them when struck by the blazing-fast SHAKU nunchaku. Inflict maximum devastation with the massive SYDON Grineer trident and elevate martial combat into an art form with the DESTREZA, a swift Tenno rapier.

New Customizations

  • Loxley Helmet – A uniquely-styled Helmet for Ivara.
  • Foxglove, Bombyx and Samia Syandanas – Envelop Warframes in these silky nature-inspired Syandanas.
  • Moth Syandana Pack – Featuring three colorful silken capes inspired by nature, this bundle includes the Foxglove, Bombyx and Samia Syandana.

General Changes

  • Adjusted audio FX on the Grineer Toxin Injector.
  • Adjusted Landing Craft docking audio FX on Corpus Archwing Trench Run Tilesets.
  • Reduced the visual FX on Corrosive / Radiation proc’s green glow.
  • Adjusted the audio FX of Rhino’s Roar.
  • Made adjustments to the visual FX in Operator Transmissions.
  • Improved audio FX on Void Portals.
  • Made some terrain adjustments to the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Made slight adjustments to the trials within the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Reduced the number of large group spawns occurring in Exterminate Missions.
  • Reaper Prime has been given a PBR update!
  • Wukong’s Iron Jab will now increase the melee combo counter on hit.
  • Self-damage will no longer increase Rhino’s Iron Skin damage buffer.
  • Made slight adjustments to NPC audio FX on death.
  • NPCs no longer alert all teammates when fighting a player.  Their proximity alert now has a limited range and will not go beyond closed doors.
  • Tweaked the visual FX on Wukong’s Defy ability.
  • Interception’s end-of-round timer has now been reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Interception’s end-of-round timer will not appear until there are 5 enemies left alive in the Mission.
  • Players will no longer be able to join a mid-mission Excavation Mission after 300 Cryotic has been obtained in Sorties or Alerts.
  • Djinn’s Fatal Attraction will now ignore security cameras.
  • The Intruder Mod will now work on Grineer hacking puzzles by slowing the hacking spinner.
  • Improvements have been made help players rejoin a squad in Mission after a crash.
  • The Onorix’s Handle has now been added to Archwing Mobile Defense Mission drop tables.
  • Made several optimizations to in-game Voice Chat volume output.
  • Adjusted the minimap markers in Exterminate Missions to more accurately track slow NPCs.
  • Adjusted an objective marker navigation through Corpus ventilation shafts that was difficult to follow.
  • Kubrow Egg drop rate has been increased overall.
  • Kubrow Egg drop rate increased significantly when playing the Howl of the Kubrow Quest during the Egg hunting Mission.
  • Reduced the charge time of the Redeemer and Glaive charge attack animation.
  • Ash’s Smoke Shadow Augment Mod now affects ally NPCs.
  • Clicking an Alert or Syndicate / Sortie Mission through the World State Window will no longer require you to redundantly reconfirm the selection when it brings you to the node on which the Mission is assigned.
  • Players will no longer receive login reward blueprints for weapons they’ve maxed. 
  • Avalanche now has diminishing returns on Vay Hek
  • Increased the maximum number of enemies in low level intercept missions while playing solo

For full patch details, follow the link below.

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, Warframe is available as a free-to-play title from the PlayStation Store.

[Source: Warframe Forums]