warframe rising tide ps4

Warframe: Rising Tide Expansion is Available on PS4 Right Now

Warframe has just gotten a new content drop on PS4, with its latest expansion known as Rising Tide. You can download the expansion for free right now, as announced during The Game Awards 2019. This expansion was previously released for PC and now console players will have a chance to dive in. You can watch the expansion’s PS4 trailer below:

Digital Extremes also revealed Warframe’s Empyrean expansion for PC, which is also available to download right now. There’s no word on when it will be headed to consoles, but for now, you’ve got Rising Tide to hold you over.

Rising Tide will send you on a journey to build a Railjack, to prepare for the major battle ahead. Railjacks are giant interceptor spacecrafts piloted by the Tenno. They require a crew of four to operate, so you’ll need to gather your friends to succeed. To start, you’ll need to gather resources to assemble a Dry Rock, which will serve as your sanctuary—a hangar to hold your Railjack. Once it’s complete, you can move on to the meat and potatoes of the expansion. There will be multiple quests for you to overcome, with the goal of assembling your spacecraft.

The expansion will also throw some new skins and armor at you, as part of the Cumulus Collection. So look out for the Stratus Pistol Skin, Cumulus Syandana, and the Cirrus Armor Bundle. And of course, the update will come with balancing and bug fixes to make for a more enjoyable experience.

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