PS Vita Version of We Are Doomed Launches on February 9, Includes Cross-Buy With PS4

Available on PlayStation 4 since April 2015, We Are Doomed will be making its PlayStation Vita debut on February 9 in North America and Europe, complete with cross-buy. It will also be compatible with PlayStation TV.

Mobeen Fikree of developer Vertex Pop added, “It’s the exact same game [as PS4], just with optimizations for the Vita. I didn’t want to change anything because both versions share the same leaderboards & trophies.”

A twin-stick shooter where you attack enemies with an overpowered laserbeam, We Are Doomed is focused on pure arcade action and does away with cutscenes, storyline, and lengthy tutorials. Since there is no levelling and no upgrades, it’s a skill-based game where you improve over time.

Fikree offered up a helpful tip for new players:

Collecting Trinkets (the purple cubes and diamonds) does two things: increments your score multiplier, and fills the Superbeam meter.

The basic strategy is to fill the meter, wait for a screen full of baddies, and then trigger the Superbeam to wipe them all out (at 2x the points, no less).

But here’s the catch: once you fill the meter, you can’t bank any more Superbeams. So the longer you hold off finding the perfect moment to use it, the less potential you have for filling up the meter again. Like everything in life, finding the right balance is essential.

In our PS4 review of We Are Doomed, we said, “If you are looking for a game to fire up every now and then for some quick, addicting gameplay, you probably should check out We are Doomed.”

Expect We Are Doomed to cost $9.99 (USD) on PS Vita.

[Source: PS Blog (1), (2); Trailer is from the PS4 version]