DOOM and DOOM II PS4 Re-Releases Are About to Get a Visual Enhancement

Get ready for an improved experience in the classic DOOM and DOOM II re-releases for PS4. Both titles will be getting a future update that will enhance both games’ audio and lighting, as well as other performance improvements. It’s unclear when the update will roll out, but id Software is currently working on it.

The classic DOOM and DOOM II re-releases launched for PS4 back in July of 2019 in honor of the series’ 25th anniversary. On that same day, DOOM 3 was re-released as well, giving fans a convenient way to play the original trilogy.

However, their releases weren’t without some controversy: At first, it was required to have a Bethesda account to play them, making it impossible to play the games offline without signing in. It was a nuisance to those who just wanted to jump into the game and play. Although Bethesda reversed this after the immediate backlash from fans.

With this fall’s highly anticipated release of DOOM Eternal and the recent re-release of the classic trilogy, the community has DOOM on the mind. Fans won’t have to wait too much longer, as DOOM Eternal will release for PlayStation 4 on November 22, 2019. You can preorder it on Amazon to get $10 off.

We’ll let you know when DOOM and DOOM II’s updates go live on PS4.

Have you gotten a chance to try out the classic DOOM games on PS4? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments!

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