DOOM Eternal Lets You Take Over Demons and Invade People’s Campaigns

DOOM Eternal was originally announced during E3 2018 and will serve as a sequel to DOOM, which released in 2016. At the time, there was nothing but a cinematic teaser, but we were promised gameplay footage at QuakeCon 2018. Bethesda delivered on that promise!

You can see DOOM Eternal‘s gameplay starting at 1:09:00 in the QuakeCon 2018 keynote below:

DOOM Eternal‘s armor modifications and improvements were shown off on stage. Several guns have a “meat hook” at the end, for gruesome close range combat.

There will be twice as many enemies in DOOM Eternal, compared to the last DOOM. The team has executed this by bringing back some favorites, re-imagining some classics, and introducing some new creatures entirely.

DOOM Eternal looks crisp, with a lot of up-close, fast-paced gameplay. From force feeding demons their own insides to bashing a skeleton’s skull into its own spine, there’s a lot here to satisfy fans. The QuakeCon 2018 footage takes us through a series of different settings inside the ever twisting maps this franchise is known for.

A new, fun feature available in DOOM Eternal is the ability to take control of a demon and invade another player’s campaign.  You can even team up and form a slayer hunting party. All of this is optional, so if you prefer to go solo, no worries.

As expected, DOOM Eternal runs at 60 fps and is looking better than ever, with graphical fidelity that exceeds anything the franchise has done before. For big fans of lore, the team promises there will be plenty to discover, as they’ve shifted their thinking about individual games to considering the inter-workings of the entire DOOM universe when crafting this story.

There’s a lot to be excited about, but DOOM Eternal doesn’t have a release date yet. We’ll report on it as soon as it does. Give us your thoughts on this first look at the gameplay in the comments below!