2 Gameplay Videos Show Key Areas of PS4 RPG Nights of Azure

Publisher Koei Tecmo has released a pair of gameplay videos for the Gust-developed action RPG Nights of Azure, due out in late March in North America and early April in Europe. Fun fact: I’ve got the review text all written, I just need to plug in all the screenshot and format junk. Watch for it, like, in a few hours or tomorrow or something. Word.

Here’s the hotel, which serves as the game’s main hub:

Below that hotel lies a battle arena with a plethora of different tests and objectives with which players can challenge themselves:

The videos are from the PS4 version, which is the only version coming west. I have speculated that the Vita version’s poor gameplay performance is one reason for this.

Previously, we posted a bunch of combat screenshots here and a look at the homosexual relationship between the main characters here.