Kickstarter Hopeful Battalion 1944 Sets Sights on World War II Setting

Keen to rekindle the demand for World War II shooters, British developer Bulkhead Interactive has unveiled the first footage from its period shooter Battalion 1944

Citing the likes of Call of Duty 2, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield 1942 as inspiration, the developer took to the game’s Kickstarter page to outline its mission: To create an old-school multiplayer shooter for current-gen consoles where “raw skill” is king.

Featuring real-world locations including Carentan and the icy forests of Bastogne, which recently featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Bulkhead went on to explain how the shooter “recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and propels WW2 into the next generation of gaming.”

To make this vision a reality, the developer has laid out an initial crowdfunding target of £100,000. However, should that goal be met before the 30-day window campaign wraps up, Bulkhead will pledge a further £100,000.

There’s also a pie chart detailing how said budget will be managed across the development of the World War II shooter. 


Should Battalion 1944 secure funding, it’ll launch for PlayStation 4 in May of next year. 

[Source: Kickstarter]