Battalion 1944 Gameplay Video Released

World-exclusive gameplay footage of Bulkhead Interactive’s upcoming game Battalion 1944 has been released by the folks at VG247.

Battalion 1944 started out as a Kickstarter campaign, which reached its goal in just three days, and Bulkhead Interactive eventually signed Square Enix as the game’s publisher.

According to the video, the footage is from a very early pre-Alpha build of the game so it’s still quite far from what the final game will look like. Buggy gameplay footage was also removed from the video.

The video shows some deathmatch gameplay footage on a map called Manor and shows how the game obviously steers towards old-school first-person shooter gameplay which focuses on quick movements.

From the get-go, Bulkhead Interactive have said that Battalion 1944 will feature classic multiplayer shooter gameplay and it looks like they’re pulling it off.

The release date for the final version of Battalion 1944 on the PlayStation 4 has yet to be announced but the game will go into Steam Early Access sometime in May 2017.

[Source: VG247]