Square Enix Has a 20% Share in Bulkhead Interactive and a New IP in the Works

Square Enix and Bulkhead Interactive are far from strangers. Both companies worked together for the launch of The Turning Test. And after Bulkhead Interactive’s successful Kickstarter for Battalion 1944, Square Enix signed a deal to publish the World War 2 multiplayer shooter. But now, the relationship has gotten a little deeper, as Square Enix announced it has become a 20% shareholder in Bulkhead Interactive.

Square Enix Collective, Square Enix’s indie publishing program, and Bulkhead Interactive will continue to work together on Battalion 1944, leading up to the game’s launch in early 2019. But that isn’t the only game coming from the two companies. New content is also in store. “Bulkhead Interactive will begin work on creating a new IP for Square Enix,” as stated in Square Enix’s official press release.

Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix and Head of the Collective program, noted that he was excited for the company to deepen its partnership with Bulkhead Interactive in the press release. With these new changes, Elliott will join the Bulkhead board of directors as the representative for Square Enix.

The CEO of Bulkhead Interactive, Joe Brammer, also released a statement:

It’s been a great experience working with Phil [Elliott] and the team at Square Enix—they’ve always been supportive, looking out for the interests of us as well as the games we’ve worked on, and this opportunity to build on that relationship is a great next step for the studio as we expand and search for new talent to join our team.

Hopefully, this business decision will foster the team’s existing talent and provide the support and creative freedom necessary to make quality games.