Microsoft Acknowledges PS4, Xbox One Romeo & Juliet Meme With ‘Achievement’

Love knows no console. At least that’s the message from Microsoft in response to a recent meme that’s been doing the rounds via Twitter. 

While some claim that the original image is from a few months ago, it garnered a lot of traffic over the last couple of days, leading the platform holder to release a faux Achievement commemorating the bond between PS4 and Xbox One. Or something to that effect. 

Styled in the vein of Romeo & Juliet, here’s the original Tweet, followed by Microsoft’s response. 

A modern Shakespearian love story if ever there was one, Microsoft’s image is a neat touch to a Twitter post gone viral. It may not bring an end to dreaded talk of “console wars” but hey, let’s just appreciate the sense of camaraderie regardless of your platform of choice. 

[Source: Twitter]