Hit Detection Glitch Surfaces for Rainbow Six Siege Players Following Latest Patch

Rainbow Six Siege players have encountered a string of technical hiccups following the shooter’s most recent patch. 

First reported by Reddit users, one relatively major glitch causes other players to appear as a static black shadow, regardless of whether they’re standing, crouching or lying prone. Aptly dubbed the “Shadowman” by Siege‘s community, fans have called on Ubisoft to rectify the problem. 

Indeed Shadowman isn’t the only glitch haunting players, with users also reporting inaccuracies within the game’s hit detection system among other problems, leading one aggrieved Reddit user to go so far as to say that Siege has actually gotten worse since the recent update. 

“Head shots and stabs both go unregistered, not to mention the silhouette glitches. This game is much worse to play than when someone could block a doorway or didn’t know what game mode they were playing.”

In light of the technical issues, Ubisoft took to its official forums to pen a lengthy post, stating: “We are aware of this issue and are looking into it. Future updates will be provided via the Known Issues thread. Thank you for reporting this!”

According to reports, those bugs appear to be confined to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Rainbow Six Siege. Tell us, have you encountered the Shadowman? 

[Sources: Ubisoft, Reddit]