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The Division Trailer Parody

We’re kicking a new video series off here on PlayStation LifeStyle and this one is a lot more lighthearted than our other video material.

As the title states, it’s a parody trailer for Ubisoft’s The Division. Now, before anyone complains on how we’re harping on the game, don’t forget that this is meant as a humor piece and shouldn’t be taken that seriously. However, we do touch on stuff  regarding The Division that I think might have crossed your mind at some point or another.

What do you think of our first entry for this new series? What game (new and old are fair game) should we tackle next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Same as always, don’t forget to check the official PlayStation LifeStyle YouTube channel for more original video content, and the latest game trailers.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s “parody” series is our take on highlighting and exaggerating some of the things we see with  the subject matter, all done in a not-so-serious tone.

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