World War II Shooter Battalion 1944 200% Funded, Dev Eyes £300,000 to “Challenge Modern Shooters”

World War II shooter Battalion 1944 is already a hit on Kickstarter, having received more than double the amount of funds it required with just under three weeks to go. However, developer Bulkhead Interactive wants to go a step further and “challenge modern shooters” by expanding its budget. 

Battalion 1944‘s campaign was launched with an initial target of £100,000, but is comfortably sitting at over £200,000 now (around $300,000). Bulkhead believes that £300,000 is the kind of money it needs to take on shooters of today.

As for stretch goals, the developer still hasn’t revealed them but they’re “around the corner.”

Stretch goals are just around the corner. We’ve had them planned for a while, and we’re sticking to our original plan. We don’t do empty promises at Bulkhead; which is why we are working on in-game assets to show you all exactly what we’re working towards before we announce all of Battalion 1944’s stretch goals.

Battalion 1944 is expected to launch in May 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Kickstarter]