Heavy Rain & The Beyond: Two Souls Collection for PS4 Isn’t Getting a Physical Release in North America

With the release of Heavy Rain on PlayStation 4 just a couple of weeks away, developer Quantic Dream has confirmed that the Heavy Rain & The Beyond: Two Souls Collection won’t be getting a physical release in North America:

In North America, Heavy Rain is only being released digitally on PSN (Beyond: Two Souls is already on PSN).

As for the rest of the world, a physical version of the collection will be available in LATAM territories on March 1, in mainland Europe on March 2, in Asia on March 2, and in the UK on March 4. Quantic Dream adds that details for Japan are coming “shortly.”

Heavy Rain on its own will be released digitally in North America on March 1, and on the above dates throughout the world. According to the PlayStation Store it will be a 25.7GB download, and current owners of Beyond: Two Souls on PS4 will be able to get it for £7.99 (pricing for other regions TBA).

[Source: Quantic Dream (Facebook)]