Hitman PS4 Beta Analysis Says It Ran at an Unlocked Frame-Rate, Ranging From 20fps – 60fps

Taking a look at the Hitman beta on PlayStation 4 (which ended earlier today), Digital Foundry discovered that it ran at 1080p and had an unlocked frame-rate tanging anywhere from 20fps – 60fps.

In the first beta mission (see video above), you’ll find yourself on a cruise ship with a large group of people. While Hitman boasts more characters on-screen than any previous game, Digital Foundry says it results in frame-rates as low as 20fps:

At least in its beta form, Hitman on PS4 isn’t keen on processing such a breadth of AI characters in one fell swoop, and it cues long drops to around 20fps. Not only that, but the game also runs with an entirely unlocked frame-rate – and on this level we only see a perfect 60fps around a smaller kitchen area. However the reality is that the rest of play unfolds within the shakier 20 to 40fps bracket (with v-sync enabled), and typically at the lower end for this mission.

Since there’s only a few characters present at the beginning of the second mission, things do improve. According to Digital Foundry, the frame-rate is around 55fps – 60fps outside the base, but once you get inside it begins to dip. “Here the game drops heavily (always at the sight of a central hangar area), and again a 30fps cap starts to look like a more realistic and attainable option on PS4,” they say.

Since Digital Foundry only tested the beta, it’s possible performance will be improved in the weeks leading up to final release on March 11.

What did you think of the Hitman beta?

[Source: Eurogamer]