Ubisoft Levels on Lack of Split-Screen Support in The Division

Developer Ubisoft Massive has shed light on its decision to omit split-screen functionality in The Division.

Word comes by way of Creative Director Magnus Jansén, who pointed to the dynamic and persistent nature of the shooter as reason for the design choice. 

Citing The Division‘s progression system in particular, Jansén noted that the ability to “seamlessly move from single, to co-op, to online” would be hampered by a traditional split-screen experience. 

“In your classic splitscreen experience, there is a defined challenge to overcome, whether it be racing a lap around a circuit or completing a mission. But the challenge in The Division is always ongoing; there is always something to do in the open world. There’s a new mission, or new people to group up with, so you never stop playing. So having your co-op friends able to just drop-in, but when they need to go off and do their thing you can continue playing, is good as you are not bound to them. I think that suits The Division. It’s such a constantly ongoing experience, that when tying you to someone else, splitscreen just makes it messy.”

The Division hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8. An open beta, meanwhile, is due to take place from February 19 on PS4.

[Source: Finder.com]