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Ubisoft Report Confirms Destiny to Be Biggest New IP Launch Ever

While there was initially some deliberation about which franchise-starter opened to larger sales, a Ubisoft report has confirmed Destiny‘s status as the biggest new IP launch in history, ahead of both Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed.

News hails from the publisher’s Investor Day, where Managing Director John Parkes claimed that The Division has the potential “to become one of the biggest launches ever for a new IP” when it touches down at the beginning of March. 

Now presiding over Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs and soon The Division, the open world formula is fundamental to Ubisoft’s success, and NPD figures coming out of today’s event revealed that sales for open world games accounted for 33 percent of all software sold in 2015 — a drastic mark up from 7 percent in 2008. 

To maintain such a vast network, the company noted that it now employees over 9,000 employees — an industry record, no less — to “create great new IPs” and to “have better long-term visibility on [the] pipeline.” Here are two of the slides from Ubisoft’s event. 



With that in mind, there’s no question that a sizeable chunk of that workforce will be focusing on Ubisoft’s “multiplayer-centric” AAA IP, among the many other Ubisoft titles in development. 

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