Rebellion CEO: Leaks Are a Mixed Blessing, “Can Be a Load of Hassle”

Earlier this week, Sniper Elite 4 was discovered on the LinkedIn profile of an employee at digital arts company ADIA Entertainment. In response, developer Rebellion said the person in question didn’t work for them, adding, “We’re actually gearing up to announce a new Rebellion game soon, so expect to hear more from us before GDC!”

Speaking with PCGamesN, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley discussed leaks in the video game industry, revealing that they can be a  hassle for developers:

We’re a bit split on leaks and rumors, whilst they can be fun to read from a fan perspective, from that of a professional actually inside the industry they are a mixed blessing. If it’s about your own company or game, a surprise story based on leaks or rumors can be a load of hassle. There are very good reasons that devs tend to plan their reveals very carefully. It’s not some sneaky PR conspiracy to ‘control the message’ for no good reason.

Although it isn’t something Rebellion has to worry about, Kinglsey said, in extreme cases, “leaks and rumors can actually affect a company’s share price,” which could happen if a report negatively impacts deal negotiations between a publisher or distributor. There’s also potential for trouble on a developer level. “What if an individual never gets to work in the industry again because a leak came through them by mistake?” he asked.

What are your thoughts on leaks?

[Source: PCGamesN]