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Rebellion Will Bring a ‘Major Unannounced New Title’ to E3 2019

As E3 2019 approaches, many leaks and reveals have surfaced, giving us a taste for what the show has to offer. This year, it looks like we’ll be in for a special treat from British developer Rebellion. You might be most familiar with the studio’s work on the Sniper Elite series and the infamous Rogue Warrior from back on the PS3. The company recently tweeted that it would be bringing a “major unannounced new title” to E3 this year, along with two other games we know about.

You can see the full tweet below:

As you can see, there will be three titles shown by the company at E3. We’ll get a look at the upcoming Evil Genius 2, a game that’s currently being developed for PC; although we may get an announcement that it’s coming to consoles. We’ll also finally see what Sniper Elite VR looks like. As it stands, no platforms have been announced for that title, although it would be surprising if it didn’t make it to PSVR.

Most interestingly is the mention of Rebellion’s new major unannounced new title. It could be a new Sniper Elite game, but it would definitely be more interesting if it were something else. Seeing two games from the same series at one event would come across as odd, so it could be a new IP or something wild and out of left field. Sure, Sniper Elite is the developer’s bread and butter, but sometimes Rebellion likes to work on weird projects like the aforementioned Rogue Warrior.

Earlier this year, the publisher/developer acquired TickTock Games, which recently developed Battlezone, a tank combat game. It’s unclear if the major title is one Rebellion is publishing or developing, but it could be something TickTock Games is working on.

We’re just over a week away from E3 2019, so we’ll find out what this mystery title ends up being soon. Let us know what you think it is!

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