Street Fighter V Character Guides Spotlight M. Bison, Chun-Li

Continuing to spotlight the game’s roster of fighters, Capcom has rolled out another pair of character guides for Street Fighter V, this time welcoming both M. Bison and series staple Chun-Li into the fray. 

Much like the previous sizzle reel that focused on Ryu, the footage embedded below takes you up close and personal with the aforementioned duo, detailing everything from basic combos to the more complex moves lurking in each of their respective arsenals. 

To get the lowdown on Street Fighter V, check out our review, where we praised the crisp visuals and gameplay featured in Capcom’s long-awaited sequel, but felt the story mode and scant roster left much to be desired. 

Elsewhere, Street Fighter V‘s server woes have largely been resolved, though Capcom has warned fans to still expect irregularities as the publisher works on optimization. 

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