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Hideo Kojima Sheds Light on How He Approaches a New Video Game Project

Hideo Kojima may have spent the past three decades presiding over the Metal Gear franchise, but in light of the recent partnership between Sony and Kojima Productions, the esteemed designer is ready to start afresh. 

Kojima, a student of action cinema, has briefly alluded to this new, and seemingly very ambitious project in the past. And though concrete details remain under lock and key, the man himself took to Twitter to speak candidly about how he constructs a video game.

From the story, world and characters, Kojima noted that it’s his “speciality to work on everything at the same time,” likening the designer to a cinematic auteur. Essentially, he writes that this is a process that requires a deep understanding of the story at a foundational level, before layering on sound, visuals and gameplay. 

Hideo Kojima is currently heading up development on Kojima Productions’ PlayStation 4 debut. Details are, as you would imagine, thin on the ground at this early stage. 

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