Resident Evil 6 Trophy List Demands You Overcome All Your Fears

Trophy hunters rejoice, for the PlayStation 4 is to be loaded with an assortment of new Trophies to obtain in Resident Evil 6. 


Chris, Jake, Leon, and Ada all have their own campaigns, with their own set of Trophies to collect. Upon completion of the main game, it’ll be time for players to turn their attention to the DLCs, which each boast their own bevy of shiny, shiny trophies. 

To get planning on how exactly you’ll tackle Resident Evil 6, check out the full Trophy list found in the gallery below.

There are some toughies there, for sure, but with the game previously having been released on PS3, we’re certain that guides are already out there ready to aid players in overcoming all of their fears. 

Which upcoming title will you be looking to platinum next? Let us know in the comments.

Resident Evil 6 Trophy List

[Source: Exophase]