MLB 16 the Show Hits Europe on March 29 as a Digital-Only Release for PS4 & PS3

MLB 16 The Show will be available on March 29 in Europe for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 as a digital title, PlayStation Europe announced today.

Featuring Josh Donaldson on the cover, MLB 16 The Show featuress a number of improvements including ShowTime, which allows you to slow down critical moments for more focused control. You’ll also find a more personalized and rewarding Road to the Show:

A revamped training system gives you the chance to unlock Gameplay Perks as you work your way through Road To The Show (PS4 only). It’s also a more streamlined Road To the Show experience, as a new paradigm for base-running and fielding opportunities will maximize the time you spend in situations that matter. For the first time ever in the MLB The Show franchise, you can now also play an entire series of Road To The Show games without ever having to navigate the main menu between games.

In North America, MLB 16 The Show comes to PS4 and PS3 on March 29 through retail and digital stores.

[Source: PS Blog]