PlayStation TV Also Discontinued in North America & Europe, Sony Confirms

After releasing in October 2014 in North America and Europe, the PlayStation TV (our review) was discontinued at the end of 2015, Sony revealed to GameSpot in a statement.

As the spokesperson explained, they’re still shipping PS TV in Asia, and current PS TV owners will still have access to the PlayStation Store:

PlayStation TV shipments were terminated at the end of 2015 in SCEA [Sony Computer Entertainment America] and SCEE [Sony Computer Entertainment Europe]. Shipment is still continuing in SCEAsia (as of the end of February, 2016), and we have nothing to announce regarding the timing of termination.

PS Store for PlayStation TV will continue to be accessible, and PlayStation TV-related information will continue to be updated. In terms of applications/service for PlayStation TV, we will make further communications to users as necessary.

Sony didn’t say why the PS TV was discontinued in North America, Europe, or Japan.

Did you get a PS TV before Sony stopped shipments?

[Source: GameSpot]