Miku Dances the Monkey, Shows Her Anime >_< Eyes in Project Diva X Song Medley

Okay so this medley includes:

Easy Dance (Or is it “Easy Dense?” The katakana uses “de” instead of “da” for the “dance” part, which is uncommon in general Japanese. Am I missing something here?”). This song is not doing it for me. Love the hair in that video though. The tune — while not something I’m going to listen to for fun — sounds like it might make for a challenging level, so I welcome this track.

Freely Tomorrow. No thanks.

Viva Happy (or, since the katakana is “Biba,” is this song called “Bieber Happy?” I don’t know how to spell Bieber and I’m not going to look it up, so if that’s wrong, I don’t really care). Well this track sure sounds “happy” as the title would indicate!

Agai-Agai-Again: She does the monkey during this part of the medley and busts out the anime >_< eyes. I approve.

Aidoru-o Sakase: This is decent. I don’t like the “san-kyuu” at the end, but, eh, I hear it every day and rebelling is a losing battle. Plus, at least it’s relevant with Miku because of that whole 3-9 thing.

So far, none of these top Tsumi No Namae or Raspberry Monster as my favorite songs in the upcoming Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X, but at least it seems like the gameplay is there. And damn, the dancing in the medley video. The Vita version hits Japan on March 24, and that;s also the version that was used in this preview. It’s unknown whether the PS4 versions of Project Diva X, set to release later this year (at least in Japan), will make any changes.