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Amazon Japan to Begin Shipping Games Internationally

Amazon Japan now ships video game software and hardware internationally — but only those sold through Amazon directly. 

First spotted by Twitter user Hadler and later tested by scores of NeoGAF members, to gain access to the shipping option you’ll need to hold an account, and considering that the majority of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games are region-free, this opens up a cheap importing option for those inclined to buy titles directly from Japan. 

It should be noted that Amazon Japan’s new system only applies to products bought through the online retailer, and any orders not fulfilled by Amazon (read: third-parties) won’t be available to ship overseas. 

Amazon Prime, meanwhile, doesn’t extend to the company’s Japanese arm, though users can take solace in the fact that most products ordered from overseas will use express shipping regardless. 

Bear in mind that there are some inconsistencies within the digital storefront; for instance, select games that should be eligible for international shipping aren’t, and vice versa.

In light of today’s news, are you curious to try importing via Amazon Japan? 

[Source: NeoGAF]