Star Wars Battlefront Video Tease Jabba the Hutt Contracts

As part of yesterday’s announcement of the free content out for Star Wars Battlefront, a video has seemingly outed “Hutt Contracts” as a new addition to the shooter’s progression system.

In the video, which you can see above, it mentions how players can earn new gear by completing Hutt Contracts. Just by its name, Hutt Contracts are, of course, named after Jabba the Hutt. Check out the footage above to get a glimpse of Hutt Contracts and the promise of new gear.

Interestingly enough, the video is still unlisted by the official Star Wars Battlefront YouTube channel. Either way, it’s clear as day in the video, so don’t be surprised if DICE announces or gives the official details on Hutt Contracts very soon.

What other additions should DICE roll out for Battlefront in order to make sure the game stays fresh? Is new gear enough incentive to give the game another go for you?

[Source: EA Star Wars (YouTube) via WCCFTech]